At Yees Kusti, people suffering from all addictions can find help rebuilding their lives in a community-rooted voluntary program. By building personal and spiritual relationships, clients at the Yees Kusti will change their lives and the lives of the people who know and love them. Within the campus ground of Yees Kusti, rebuilding the lives of people who suffer from addiction requires a total commitment on the part of clients to overcome past influences, build a strong work ethic: and, upon successful completion of their curricula, help others caught in the addiction cycle.

The purpose of the Yees Kusti is simple: creating and maintaining an environment where people can break free from their compulsions utilizing positive thinking, achieving personal accomplishments, building a strong work ethic, and seeking life-affirming spiritual values. At the core of success at Yees Kusti, people seeking to break free of their cycle of addiction will be able to re-enter society: thus, living out their newly-recaptured lives in a much more productive manner.

Practically speaking, Yees Kusti is about learning and doing. Each individual learns that he/she is worthy of being a productive member of society. The doing part involves using the tools and skills learned to become a productive member of their local community. To that extent , the services are based on the Genesis Process program, that Michael Dye developed several years ago. The Genesis Process has been successful rescuing people from their downward cycle of addictions for over ten years now.

By way of information, Yees Kusti is located in the community of Hoonah, Alaska on the scenic Southeast Alaskan Panhandle. In this small, rural Alaskan village, community support of this program is strong.

The program has written support from the City of Hoonah, Hoonah Police Department, Hoonah Senior Center, and others. We are continuing to build support through additional contacts with churches, businesses, and individuals who recognize the necessity of our services to the addictive.

Having witnessed, first hand, as a retired police officer with fifteen years of experience, the destruction associated with dependency activity, it has been my observation that addicts don’t think they’re addicts: and, the problems associated with addictive behaviors have not, cannot, and will not dissipate without help. Additionally , Ruth Brown and I have both completed hours of training in Genesis Addiction Counseling.