Who we are:

We are North American Mission Board Volunteer Missionaries, who are called to serve in a remote Alaskan fishing village in Southeast Alaska.

What we do:

We serve the people of a small island fishing village by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through a small thrift store and laundromat, where their are limited industries, mainly open during the summer months with very limited employment in winter.

We supply inexpensive clothing and household items to the residents and fisherman.

We also provide food through a pantry operated by the Mission.

Our staff are volunteers certified through AWARE as advocates for domestic violence.

We also do drug and alcohol counseling sessions, using the Genesis Process program
developed by Michel Dye.


Chris Budke, Chair

Ruth Brown, Secretary and Treasurer

John Lacey, Board member, Grant writer

Joe Bloney, Board member, Pastor and Catalyst/Church Planner

Tina Martin, Board member, Senior Center Director, Fundraiser

Hattie Dalton, Board member